Fernette walnut sapling is the dust collector of fernor walnut seedlings. So if you plant 10 fernor walnut saplings, you need to plant 1 walnut saplings in your walnut garden. Fernette Walnut Fidanlı open-rooted and tubular as you can have Self Life Nursery.

Features of Fernette Walnut Tree;

  • Fernor walnut is planted as a pollinator.
  • Side branch is an efficient variety.
  • It is a kind of pollinating variety.
  • The amount of walnut planting should be planted as 1 to 10 liters. So 100 tree Fernor planting 90 trees Fernor 10 Wood Fernette walnut variety planting should be done in a garden.

Features of Fernette Walnut Fruit;

  • Fernette walnuts have an average weight of 14-15 gr.
  • The internal yield is 50% and the average weight of walnut is 7.5 gr.
  • It is easy to separate from the crust and the inside is a white walnut.
  • Fernor is harvested towards the end of September.
Fernette Walnut Sapling-1