Franquette Walnut Saplings Chandler is the dust collector of walnut seedlings. So if you decide to plant 10 chandler walnut saplings, you should add 1 Franquette Walnut Saplings to your walnut garden. You can buy Franquette Walnut Fruit from Self Life Nursery, with open root and tube.

Franquette Walnut Saplings Properties

  • Franquette is a foreign dusting cinstir from France.
  • Chandler is planted as a kind of powder for walnut seedlings planted with walnut seedlings.
  • We will plant 10 pieces of walnut seedlings in our walnut seedlings and 1 franquette walnut should be planted.
  • Small fruit, internal weight 5.3 gm, internal ratio 46-47%, internal color is white and generally very good.
  • Franquette trees grow vertically, very strongly.
Franquette Walnut Saplings-1