Pedro Walnut Saplings French origin, a foreign walnut saplings cinstir who loves the coastal zones that can be planted at low altitudes. You can purchase Pedro Walnut Saplings from Self Life Saplings with open root and tube.

Pedro pastry fruit properties:

  • Pedro walnut is a French origin. Is a species that gives fruit to the side branches .
  • It takes 400 hours to get cold.
  • Pedro walnut is recommended to be planted in temperate zones.
  • The percentage of light-colored fruits can reach up to 85%.
  • The crown is compact and small, and the trees are relatively short.
  • It is also recommended for home gardens.
  • The walnut weight is 6.5 gr, the inside ratio is 48% and the light colored walnut ratio is 85%.
  • The altitude is low and the yield is good in the coast.
  • It's easy to get the pedro nut out of the crust.
  • The flavor of the walnut is very beautiful and is suitable to be consumed as dry and fresh walnuts.
  • Since the tree is small, it needs hard trimming.
  • It is recommended to sew with commercial stitches such as DUSTING PIECE, as it can dust itself.
  • It is harvested towards the end of September.
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