Ronde walnut sapling is a kind of walnut that started to produce pollen at the age of 7. It is suitable to be used as a dusting powder since it reaches the maximum pollen pouring level at 10 years old.

Ronde de Montignac is resistant to walnuts because it has a fairly strong tree structure.

Ronde Walnut Saplings Fruit Properties;

  • Ronde de montagne walnut fruit is in small sizes and the inner fruit is yellow color.
  • Since pollen spill lasts for 15-20 days, it has a high level of dusting properties.

Chandler Walnut Nursery Tree Features;

  • Ronde de montagne walnut male and female flowers develop in the moon. It is a perfect dusting agent for early fruiting walnuts.
  • Early on, the fruit lies. My internal efficiency is close to 50%.
Ronde Walnut Saplings-1